bflow is Simplified DME Billing Software

 Cloud-based DME Billing Software

DME Billing Software in the cloud

bflow™ is a software as a service (SaaS) DME Billing Software and DME Business Management solution built from scratch for DME Billing and Business Management.  bFlow is intuitive, cutting edge, and reliable software for DME operations looking for simplification and affordability in a cloud based software package.  Because bFlow is a cloud based solution we can bring more capability, integration through API technology with top online business solutions to enhance productivity and accelerate cash flow.

Automated DME Billing Software

We know DME billing and developed bflow from the ground up to be the top DME business management platform.  Because bflow is designed by DME owners, Revenue Cycle Experts and Compliance professionals it’s a true standout among all other DME billing software.  Most of our competitions solutions are built on yesterdays technology, bflow is the software for today’s business environment built on today’s technology.  Connectable, efficient and affordable are the things that matter most are delivered in a full scope solution and backed by top tier support. Built in the cloud for simplicity, easy access and affordability.  No other full scope business management software can compare to bflow on price or capability.

Get the industry’s most advanced

DME workflow solution

Every claim in bflow has a status making it impossible to overlook a claim. From the moment a claim is created a status is assigned and we track each claim from inception to completion.  Assigning team members to the management of specific statuses allows for seamless hand offs, and a powerful, focused workflow.  Management can access current state details that give in depth understanding of the revenue cycles health.  Workflows are flexible and can be modeled after your internal processes.

Automation saves time and money.  Learn more from the DME Billing Automation Experts. Complete the form below and we will show you the benefits of automation.

DME Billing Software
DME Billing Software - Customized App

“You can have bflow your way”

“One size doesn’t fit all…

                           …but bflow does!”

No two DME companies are alike and we make sure your bflow installation works best for your business. We respond to customer needs for customized solutions in rapid fashion.

Our competition doesn’t understand this concept, doesn’t care about your needs or can’t deliver customized solutions for your business.

Make sure to tell our sales team about your customization needs and we guarantee we will not only “listen,” we will also “deliver!”

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Go Paperless With bflow Mobile

Mobile App Vision

Integrate a mobile solution to streamline and automate:

  1. Pre delivery tasks

  2. Delivery routing

  3. Delivery confirmation

  4. Electronic signature capture on required documentation

  5. Back office delivery alerts

DME Billing Software - Mobile App

Mobile App Requirements

The mobile app can be accessed from smart devices that are connected to the internet.  Requirements include:

  1. Wireless (Cellular) Tablet device or Smart phone with touch screen

  2. Any installed web browser

  3. Current subscription to bflow business management software

DME Billing Software - Mobile App

Get the DME Billing Software thats integrated with industry leading solutions providers

DME Billing Software
DME Billing Software
DME Billing Software
DME Billing Software

With bflow POS retail checkout is

“Lightening Fast”


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A Clear Advantage… Connect to Hundreds of Insurance Companies with InstaMed

Bflow is fully Integrated with the Top Healthcare Clearinghouse

With Bflow You’ll Never Pay A Clearinghouse Bill


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 Smart DME Billing Software

  • Auto Re-Rentals

  • Auto Payment Posting

  • Auto Refills

  • Integrated Patient Document Imaging

  • Automated PECOS Checking

  • Eligibility verification for Medicare, Medicaid and 800+ Commercial Insurances

  • Same and Similar Verification

  • Data filtering makes every page a business reporting tool

  • Forum style notes and alerts

  • Cloud Based Software

Designed for the busy operation needing quick, uncluttered and simplified access to patient records and delivery forms.

No need to learn complicated menu’s and business processes with bflow, because every menu, form or business process was designed for long-term user enjoyment and satisfaction.

bFlow is the most user friendly design on the market. With the ability to get to any document, form, record, order, product, or order detail in “one click” from any screen. bflow is a multitaskers dream and its rapidly becoming the industries “Choice” DME business management portal.

From the moment you enter a patient’s demographics through posting their payment, bFlow tracks completion of every task along the way, to ensure you never miss an important step or minor detail.

With over 40 steps to process a medical claim, you can’t afford not to have a system that makes sure your staff gets it right the first time.  “Time is money” and revenue increases when we get it right the first time.

Every error that needs correction requires your team to “back up” and focus on old A/R instead of future revenue.

Same Day Batch Transmission… If you think its trivial, then you’re losing money!

bFlow puts the power of batch transmission in your hands, allowing you to transmit multiple times per day while notifying you in real time about rejected claims so you can fix and re-bill today instead of tomorrow.

Improve your DSO and revenue by billing and correcting the same day.

Advanced DME Billing Software Features Keep You Compliant

DME Billing Software
DME Billing Software

 Get the top DME Billing Software in the Cloud!

New solutions and integrations being delivered continuously. 

Unmatched #cloudtech and unparalleled mind-think in everything we invent.


Cassie Woodlee

Access 2 Mobility


Bflow is an amazing company, it has simplified our billing process. The software is very easy to navigate and they are continuously working towards enhancing their product and making processes as simple as possible. Training has been so easy. Everyone we have dealt with have been AWESOME, so helpful and eager to answer our questions. They listen to our needs and changes are made quickly.

Annamarie Tarantino

Pro Medical East


I find bflow useful in that I can verify, insurance and place an order all in just a few easy steps. It’s quick and easy.

Richard Shadrin

Caremore Medical Supplly


With bflow my company can now see the progress of processing claims from entry to billing. Some the best features are daily email notifications that our users receive from each other and recurring claim notifications.

Roger Morgan

Patient Processors, Inc.


To me the best TWO things I found in Bflow are 1. The ease of use…. I have seen a lot of software in a lot of industries but you guys built a software that is extremely simple for the end user to learn and use, but has complex back-end services that automate and alert the user so they are always on top of everything. 2. Your willingness to add things based on the users process and needs. A lot of people say to you they can and will do it, but very few actually jump on it like you guys do.

Tonya Cross

Tristate Medical Supply


“I was new to the billing process. I was really nervous because I knew I had a big task at hand. Ted made me feel really comfortable in my decision. He and his team have been with me from day one. The software is user friendly. All of this great service for no extra charge, BFlow charges me only one flat fee per month! If I ever had any question or issue it was handled immediately and professionally. Excellent customer service!!”

Amy Whitehurst

Pine Belt Medical Supply


We were using an older installed application for years and decided to find a solution we could operate from the Internet. After looking at several solutions we decided bflow was the right choice for us. Right away bflow assigned us a billing analyst and they discovered we had major billing issues causing us to lose monthly revenue. Thanks to bflow’s exceptional customer service team, we are making more money and enjoying the many automated features. bflow is so easy to use and I feel like we are more in control of our billing.

Tracey Hughes, Exemptee

Kern Medical Equipment


“I’m new to DME and met the bflow team at my states DME Associations Annual Conference. The reason I went with bflow Solutions is because they offered DME business start up consulting, exemptee certification, online training and continuing education, accreditation implementation consulting, Insight accreditation software and bflow DME business software for my billing. They had everything we needed to get started and to maintain my business long-term. All the solutions are accessible online which allows me to work from home and monitor my business when I travel. If your looking for software to manage compliance and billing… go with bflow!”
DME Billing Software

With Integrated Accreditation Management

Bflow Is the Ultimate HME Business Management Platform


Simplified accreditation management in the cloud

Track activities, Manage compliance, and Document evidence

Always Survey Ready

With Insight (US patent pending) you achieve comfort in knowing you are meeting a higher standard of compliance. Your business is survey ready 24/7 and you can verify this online in real time from anywhere there is internet.

Tracking & Analytics

Statistical tracking of business measures are accomplished in Insight. Federal law requires DME organizations to track customer satisfaction, while accreditation standards require the tracking of performance improvement. With Insight you have data to prove compliance at your finger tips, online and in the cloud.

Staff performance

With insight you track performance evaluations directly in the system along with competency testing. Every employee has a record of performance in the system to measure learning with training records, performance with employee evaluations and competency with periodic testing and reminders.

Equipment Management

Together with bflow billing system Insight is an excellent way to measure, track and monitor equipment management activities such as receiving new equipment and documenting its condition, logging and uploading invoices, tracking cleaning, maintenance, testing and inspection.


A natural disaster could mean the end of your traditional compliance solution. Fire, flood, earthquake could cause the catastrophic loss of important compliance data to support you in the event of survey, audit, or hearing. Insight gives you peace of mind and continual protection against compliance data loss.

Evidence Logs

Tracking activities that “prove you did what you said you did” is critical and the only way you can pass a survey. Without complete, accurate, and concise logs you could be facing the loss of your accreditation. With Insight you will be able to track 30 different compliance dimensions that cover State, Federal and Accreditation Requirements.

Human Resource Suite

More recently human resource leaders began moving into the realm of the paperless employee record.  Performance evaluations and Competency evaluations are also completed in Insight, signed by the employee digitally and printable on demand.

Policy Library

The policy library is a centralized location where you and your staff can access and store company policies.  Insight Policies and Procedures are created for your business and updated as required.  

Document Storage

Insight provides access to everything you need to manage your compliance records online. Your data is protected in accordance with HIPAA standards and bflows Principles of Global Protection.

Pre Survey Audit Prep

Compliance with our pre-survey audit solution is our guarantee that you will pass your accreditation survey with none or minimal requirement for improvements. Spend more time serving patients and less time writing corrective action plans and conducting in-services.

Accreditation Toolkit

Everything you need to pass survey and to continually comply with accreditation standards is included in Insight. Updated annually, you’ll always have what you need, when you need it.

Training and Continuing Education

Keep your staff informed and prepared by training them. is the perfect solution for challenging your staff and helping them to stay prepared. From California Exemptee certification to equipment training make training simple.
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